Muzzle Brakes Price List

Bolt Action
Lever Action
Pump or Semi-auto
Ruger #1
Pistols - Contender or XP100
Bull Barrel
Caps - Stainless Only

Custom brakes available upon request.
Prices subject to change without notice.


Slim-line muzzle brake minimizes muzzle jump and reduces recoil 60-80%

Increased velocity, slight increase in noise. All calibers.
We manufacture our own muzzle brake which has been on the market since 1991.

Installed on our rifle or yours.


The High Tech Muzzle Brake substantially reduces felt recoil kick.
Reductions between 60-80% can be expected depending on the caliber.

It almost completely eliminates muzzle jump. The brake is tailored to your rifle,

meaning it is machined to the same diameter as your barrel. It is a screw-on type

that can easily be removed for cleaning or replaced with a muzzle cap

when hunting in certain situations.


Muzzle Brakes by Hi Tech Customs





High Tech Customs is the home of the High Tech style of muzzle brake.
*** Accept No Substitutes ***

Excerpts from articles & customers about our muzzle brakes:

"When you consider the benefits of the High Tech Muzzle Brake, you will notice that this muzzle brake does not have the negative drawbacks of other muzzle brakes on the market today."
"The accuracy increase over an average of all groups fired in both calibers was .42 inches. Even if the less than ideal conditions are considered over the 100 shots fired in this test, I think this does show that the High Tech Muzzle Brake does increase accuracy. The winds were worse for the shooting after the brakes were installed, which should have decreased accuracy, but there was an increase in accuracy."
- Jim Rau

" is one of the most impressive synthetic-stocked hunting rifles I've ever used."
"Although the weight is very light for a .340, the muzzle brake proved extremely effective in dampening recoil."
"Accuracy was also superb."
- Col. Craig Boddington

November 16, 2004
"Got the rifle back safe and sound. Took it to the range to sight it in and was very satisfied with both the recoil and accuracy. The recoil from the 300 mag was far less than my 270 and I shot a 3 shot group with factory loads of 7/8 inch."
Carl Jones