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Alaskan Pro Hunter

Alaskan Pro Hunter
Alaskan Pro Hunter built on Winchester Stainless .375 H&H with Talley QD mounts, sights, and Lilja barrel.
With five years of experience guiding hunters in Alaska and having hunted in Alaska himself, Rich Reiley has designed what he feels is the ultimate hunting and guiding rifle for Alaska, Africa, or any situation where a short-barreled, fast handling rifle is needed.

The Alaskan Pro Hunter is a synthetic-stocked all-weather rifle which is typically a short-barreled rifle since it is built for dangerous game and not a long range shooter. However, it can be built with a standard barrel if the customer prefers. A barrel band is added so the gun carries lower on both the pack and the shoulder which makes the rifle easier to handle in heavy brush and thick cover. It is chambered in the customer's choice of caliber, but normally is of the hard-hitting calibers of .338 and up, including the large bore wildcats.

Price of the Alaskan Pro Hunter starts at $2800, with final cost being determined by type of action used, finishes, and amenities.

Any hunter or guide will appreciate the thought, time and effort that have gone into this rifle.


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