For those of you that want the ultimate hunting rifle, the Shadow is it. The Shadow is the rifle that started it all - the flagship of High Tech Customs. It is the best selling rifle due to its great versatility. The Shadow is very much at home taking 500 yard shots at Elk or stopping a charging Grizzly at 25 yards.

High Tech Customs uses only the highest grade components. The rifles are built to the tightest tolerances in the industry with state-of-the-art equipment making the Shadow Rifle a combination of extreme accuracy and rugged reliability in one lightweight package.

The average weight of the Shadow is 7.5 pounds scoped and ready to hunt, but can be built as light as 6.5 pounds. Even at this light weight, the Shadow is capable of extreme accuracy. The average three shot group size at 100 yards is .50 to .75 MOA with premium hunting bullets. However, many of our rifles exceed this standard. Accuracy, of course, is dependent upon shooter ability.

A Shadow rifle is usually built on Remington 700 and Winchester Model 70 actions, left or right hand. However, Rich will build on customer's choice of action and caliber with the same accuracy and reliability. The list of premium components includes Lilja match grade barrels along with stocks from Rimrock, Brown Precision, High Tech Specialties, MPI, McMillan, or any other customer-preferred stock. The Shadow can be chambered in many standard and wildcat cartridges from .17 Remington to the .460 Weatherby. There are many options available, depending on what you, the shooter, desires. See Calibers for a complete list of choices.

Price of the Shadow Rifle starts at $2200, with final cost being determined by type of action used, finishes, and amenities.