Gunsmith Rich Reily Works on Muzzle Break

In this fast-paced assembly-line world we live in, it is refreshing to know there are still craftsmen out there who take pride in their work and enjoy the process of every detail.  High Tech Customs is just that.  Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, at the foot of the world famous Pikes Peak, High Tech Customs was established in 1990 with this ideal in mind: to build a tac-driving accurate rifle crafted to the customers specifications.

Company founder and owner, Rich Reiley, has been an avid hunter all his life starting out with trapping while in junior high.  He started working on guns at the young age of 15, learning what he could from his father who was also a gunsmith and owned a tool grinding and machine shop in New Jersey.  Together they built Rich’s first elk hunting rifle.  Rich enjoys long range rifles and managed a shooting range in New Jersey and helped build a long-range rifle range where he also shot bench rest competition for four years.  He attended Vo-Tech for machining and worked for his father and other shops where he excelled in tight tolerance jobs for the aerospace and medical industries.

While living in New Jersey he guided elk hunters in Colorado and decided to move to Colorado Springs.  Here he opened High Tech Machine & Design, a prototype machine shop which had the reputation along the front range as “If you can’t find anyone who can do the job, give it to Richie, he’ll find a way”…and he always did.  After a downturn in the industry, he decided to sell the machine shop and opened High Tech Customs.

High Tech Customs builds rifles to the customer specifications; specializing in tac-driving, sub MOA, sporter weight and varmint rifles.  Rifles are built to the highest standards in the industry using only top-of-the-line components.  Rich was an Alaskan guide for 16 years where he field tested his rifles.  These rifles will withstand rigorous use and all weather conditions.  After speaking with Rich about the custom rifle of your dreams and the order form selections are made, the rifle is built, and then Rich adds his personal touch…one rifle at a time.