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3 Shots Killed 3 Animals Hi Rich,

John and I made it to the ranch named Todos Santos in south Texas and we both shot nice whitetails. John shot his on the first day of the hunt and consequently let me use his 270(the one you built him). I then proceeded to shoot a deer and a wild pig with it. You will be happy to know that your rifle killed 3 animals with 3 shots.

We flew into Texas and sighted our guns in, and as usual, the 270 you built for John shot a 3 shot group of about .35". Since you are in the process of finishing up my 270, I used an off-the-shelf Remington 300 SAUM. Unfortunately, that poor gun must have gotten bumped during our travels because it was shooting 4" high and 3" to the right. I only had eight rounds with me and I had to use four of them to nurse the point of aim back where I wanted it (important lesson learned; bring more ammo). However, something was still out of whack because it didn't group well. I had no choice but to hunt with the rifle that day, but I must admit I was not very confident about where it was shooting. That night, John shot a nice 8 point buck. Since he had already taken his deer, I asked him if I could use the 270 you built him to pursue my deer. He said no problem.

At this point, I was feeling very confident because I know that gun is a tack driver and has one of the nicest triggers I have ever used. I went out the next day and proceeded to drill a wild pig and a nice 9 point buck. Both shots landed right behind the shoulder where I was aiming and neither animal traveled more than a few feet.

Peace of mind is worth its weight in gold when hunting and it was nice to know that I was using a gun that is as reliable and accurate as they come. I can't wait till you finish my 270!! Keep up the good work.


Ted Evans

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