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Beautiful and Accurate Rich,

I recently returned from my hunt in Zimbabwe for buffalo using the .416 Remington Magnum that you built. I hunted hard for 8 days before shooting the nice Cape buffalo (42") that is pictured. It was my first buffalo, and even at 75 yards, pulling the trigger on something that could put you in a world of hurt if you don't make a good first shot is not something I was taking lightly. Having total confidence in the accuracy of my rifle was an essential prerequisite, and I knew that the .416 would get it done. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the large hole straight through the heart of the buff, which pleased my PH so much that he insisted on photographing the evidence.

Many thanks for providing me with a rifle that is as beautiful as it is accurate; we are tightly bonded now, and I look forward to carrying it again on my next Africa safari.

Best regards,

Mark Bollinger, PhD
Montrose, CO